How to Play

RefReps has created the process to play from research, feedback, trial and error, so that we can create the best experience for members. Once an account has been created and a plan selected, download the RefReps app and follow the steps below:

Trust the Process:

  1. Select one of the Premium content packs available that you want.

  2. Once a pack is selected, members are presented with three options at the top of the pack.

  • Download Preview Content

    • Members can select this to preview what the pack contents look like

  • Buy with 1 Token

    • This option is available for members who have tokens available to be redeemed for Premium content packs. Here you can learn more about How to use/get tokens.

  • Buy Package $(Price)

    • Once selected, you will be promoted to pay with whatever payment methods you choose.

​  3.  After purchasing the pack, there will be a pop-up that will explain the the purchase was successful. Select         OK
  4.  You will be redirected to the Discover tab at the bottom of your screen. 
  5.  Select the My Courses tab at the bottom your screen.
  6.  Select the course you wish to play.
  7.  Select Download Course Content
  8.  Select one of the three options

  • Watch Intro

    • This gives you an introduction of the RefReps expert analyst and the what that specific Premium content pack contains.

  • Start Course in Tap Mode

    • This provides members with the ability to go through and tap on the calls rather than have motion tracking on. Very convenient when on the road or in a confined area.

  • Start Course in Motion Tracking Mode

    • This provides members with he ability to go through and make calls as they would on the court/field. Having the app track your motion and determining if it is correct or not.

​  9.  You're ready to get in the game!

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