How to use credits

RefReps provide credits to members who have joined a monthly or annual plan with us. Each plan releases different quantities of credits throughout the duration of the membership. RefReps may also provide opportunities for credits to be earned or awarded through promotionals. 

Credits are redeemable for any of the Premium content packs inside of the RefReps app. Equaling anywhere from $69.99 - $124.99 for a Premium content pack.

How you redeem your credits:

  1. Select the Premium content pack of your choosing.

  2. You will see the amount of credits you have available beside Credits Available:.

    • NOTE: If you do not see see this, it means that you do not have a Monthly or Annual Plan. Or you currently do not have any credits available.​

  3. Select Buy with 1 Credit.

  4. A pop-up will appear letting you know the purchase was successful and how many credits you have left.

Free Plan:

  • There are no credits given when in the Free Plan.

Monthly Plan:

  • Members receive 1 credit on the start date of their plan, then 1 credit every 3 months, as long as the membership stays active.

Annual Plan:

  • Members receive 5 credits on the start date of their plan. Once the plan has reached its annual renewal date there will be an additional 5 credits applied to the members account, as long as the membership is active by the annual renewal date.

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