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Trey Blank.jpg
Trey Blank.jpg


Business Development Specialist

Trey Zabona

Trey Zabona is another graduate of Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with a great entrepreneurial spirit and a degree in Organizational Leadership. He is inspired by the relationships he builds with our client base as well as the passion users of RefReps show for cultivating the future of officials. Trey was stationed in London, UK for 4 years and is an Air Force Veteran. Through his time in the military, Trey received the award of Firefighter of the Year (2019) and visited 30 countries. In his spare time, you can find him golfing, working out, and trying new breweries around Indianapolis. His favorite sports movie is Hoosiers because he played a basketball game in that same gym during his high school career.

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Morgan 2.png

Kent State University

Client Success Specialist

Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Sports Administration and a minor in Business Administration. Adding to an already impressive resume, she served as Vice President of Kent State’s Sports Administration club. She is inspired by being able to help inspire and pave the path for future women in sports. In her spare time, she loves watching college football and softball games both in person and at home. Morgan also enjoys reading by the pool during the summer and exploring new places with her friends. A fun fact about Morgan is that she received “best laugh” for senior selects in high school.

About the RefReps Team 

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Kyle 2.png

Kyle Armstrong

Founder & CEO

Ball State University

Kyle Armstrong is a serial entrepreneur who studied at Ball State University. Inspired by the desire to build things that change the way people live, think, and do business– Kyle has harnessed his entrepreneurial passion to lead the team at RefReps. While he is not an official by trade, he has surrounded himself with smart, talented, and passionate individuals and officials. In his spare time, he enjoys working on cars– as long as it is for fun and not out of necessity. Interestingly, he once flew a plane from Columbus, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana with no prior aviation experience!

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Mark 2.png

Mark Baltz


Ohio University

Mark Baltz officiated for over 50 years and boasts a vast officiating resume. He began officiating at Ohio University, where he studied, and has since worked as an NFL Head Linesman for 25 years, a Men’s College Basketball Official for 15 years, a Women’s College Basketball Official for 13 years, and Boy’s High School Basketball Official for 47 years. Throughout his career Mark received numerous awards and recognitions such as being inducted into the Indiana Football & Basketball Hall of Fame and being selected as the NFLRA Honoree of the Year. Mark is happy to be alive and giving back to the world of officiating. He enjoys the excitement & enthusiasm of working with a start-up. Outside of his officiating and RefReps career, he enjoys the outdoors, golfing, public speaking, traveling, family, and announcing Polo matches.

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Dr. Pillar 2.png

Director of Education

Integration & Advancement

Indiana University

Dr. David Pillar

Dr. David Pillar has been a teacher, coach, athletic director, high school assistant principal, and middle school principal during his 20+ years in education. With degrees from Ball State University, Indiana Wesleyan, and Indiana University, where he was a student manager for Coach Bob Knight, Dr. Pillar was a 2006 Monroe County Educator of the Year and the 2014 Indiana District 9 Middle School Principal of the Year. In over 20 years of officiating basketball in Indiana, Dr. Pillar has worked three Girls State Finals (2012, 2015, 2019, 2023) and three Boys State Finals (2012, 2015, 2019, 2023) as well as serving as an IHSAA basketball rules clinician. Dr. Pillar lives in Danville, Indiana with his wife and three children.

Nick Blank.png
Nick 2.png

Ohio University

Nick Brigati

Director of Officiating Education

Nick Brigati is a high school and college football and basketball official, as well as a high school baseball umpire who has served as a certified officials instructor and college professor. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and a Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida. He is inspired by teaching– and sharing his expertise and experience with others. He has previously served as the rules editor for the NIRSA Flag & Touch Football Rules Book and Officials Manual. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing (attempting to anyway). His favorite sports movie is Bull Durham.

Daniel Blank.png
Daniel 2.png

Daniel Drake

Director of Software Engineering

Ole Miss

Daniel Drake graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in computer science and from the United States Sports Academy with a degree in Sports Management. He is inspired by his dad, who taught him to work hard and honor God in everything he does. When Daniel is not building on to the RefReps Officiating Education System, you can find him woodworking, fishing, and working around the house. Daniel is an entrepreneur at heart and a referee by trade. He has refereed basketball for 20 years, and boasts an impressive officiating resume including; officiating the OVC Women’s Basketball Championship, the NCAA D2 Elite 8, 12 Division II Conference Championships, and 10 NCAA Division II tournaments.

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Braden 2.png

Braden Reynolds

Director of Business Operations


Braden Reynolds graduated from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in the Spring of 2020 with a degree in Tourism, Event, and Sports Management. Braden is an entrepreneur at heart and showcases his entrepreneurial talents inside and outside of RefReps. He is motivated by the desire and passion to create an impactful experience that exceeds people's and creates positive lifelong memories. When Braden is not performing RefReps-focused tasks, nine out of ten times, you can find him enjoying the outdoors on a hike, driving around, or jammin’ out to his favorite music.

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Evan 2.png

Ball State University

Video Production Specialist

Evan Kelly

Evan Kelly graduated from Ball State University and serves our team as the lead video production specialist. He finds inspiration from the feedback he receives from our users which pushes him to improve his abilities. When Evan is not producing content for our platform, you can find him backpacking through trails or cooking. He one day hopes to own his own restaurant, adding yet another entrepreneurial mind to our team.

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Dr. Pierce 2.png

Indiana University

Strategic Insights Specialist

Dr. David Pierce

Dr. David Pierce graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2003, earned his master's in 2004, and his doctorate in 2007. In addition to his contribution to RefReps, Dr. Pierce is the standing Director of the Sports Innovation Institute at Indiana University in Indianapolis. He has won many awards, including the Bill Sutton Award from the Sport Marketing Association, the Trustees Teaching Award from Indiana University, the Early Career Outstanding Alumni Award from Indiana University School of Public Health, and the Sport Management Educator of the Year with Shape Indiana. He is motivated by challenging the status quo with creativity and innovation. When Dr. Pierce is not fulfilling his passions at both RefReps and IUPUI, you can find him cycling or golfing at the local links.

Caleb Blank.png
Caleb 2.png

Business Development Specialist


Caleb Lovelace

Caleb Lovelace graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and is another entrepreneur at heart. He finds motivation in growing his network and says, “RefReps has opened an avenue of being able to do this on an entirely new level”. It’s no wonder that Caleb placed top 25 in a national sales competition at Baylor University. When Caleb steps away from his phone and laptop, you can find him golfing to decompress.

Brad Blank.png
Brad 2.png

Ball State University

Client Success Specialist

Brad Sexton

Brad Sexton graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management and a minor in Marketing. Brad is another extremely entrepreneurially-minded member of the RefReps team and is motivated by the ever-present opportunity to make a positive impact on someone's life. During Brad's time at Ball State, he served as the President of the school's Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization, and his business plan, "Speed Days", was named in the top few of his graduating class. In his spare time, you can find him at the race track, going for a drive, or competing in broadcasted sim racing leagues.

Robert Blank.png
Robert 2.png

University of New Mexico

Education Outreach and Support Specialist 

Robert Abney

Robert Abney is an official working men’s college basketball in the Great Southwest Officials Association, high school basketball, football, and track & field. In New Mexico, Robert worked four state basketball tournaments and two state championship games. He has studied and earned degrees at the New Mexico Military Institute, New Mexico Highlands University, University of New Mexico, and Grand Canyon University. Robert is deeply passionate about leadership and officiating. He dedicates much of his time to studying both of those along with doing consulting and speaking work around leadership in schools. Robert spent 28 years working in public schools in New Mexico. When he is not working, he enjoys riding his bicycle, fishing, and being with his grandchildren. 

About the RefReps Instructors

Grady Smith 1.png

"The best way to start and develop your career as an umpire is to work games, watch video, and get your nose in the rulebook."


NCAA Division I College World Series umpire, Grady Smith

Grady Smith

Baseball Regular Season

Pack 1

Phil King 1.png

Phil King

Baseball Regular Season

Pack 2

"I always look for ways to give back, as a volunteer, a mentor, an educator, to help those that may just be starting out or looking to advance their officiating careers. I have had many who have helped me and continue to do so throughout my officiating career." 


Little League World Series umpire, Phil King

Nick Brigati 1.png

Nick Brigati

Basketball Training Camp

Packs 1 & 2 

Flag Football Training

Camp Pack 1

"My philosophy of officiating is that while you need to develop a working knowledge of the rules of the game, and the mechanics— to improve your competence, the most impactful thing you can do for your success is to see plays and learn from them."


NCAA Division I Football and Basketball official, Nick Brigati

Natosha Harris 1.png

Natosha Harris

Basketball Women's College

Pack 1

"RefReps helps officials solidify their foundation in an interactive way. It will allow you to actively participate in your own learning process and improve your basketball IQ."   


NCAA Division I Women's Basketball official, Natosha Harris

Kalei Enterline 1.png

Kalei Enterline

Basketball Regular Season

Pack 1

"Officiating is a way of life for my family. This has taught me the importance of giving back by helping mentor the next generation of officials."


NCAA Division I Basketball official, Kalei Enterline

Andy Simpson 1.png

Andy Simpson

Basketball Regular Season

Packs 2 & 3

Football Regular Season

Pack 1

"I’ve dedicated much of my life to recruiting, training, and mentoring officials at all stages of their career. I believe it’s important to give back and ensure the next generation of sports officials is strong and well-equipped for success."   


Veteran High School Football & Basketball official, Andy Simpson

James Duke 1.png

James Duke

Basketball Men's College

Pack 1

"Video is one of the best visual aids any official can use to train themselves. By repetitively seeing plays, and creating a memory bank to pull from, we can then train our mind to instinctively react due to our recall and recognition."


NCAA Division I Basketball official, James Duke

Mark Baltz 1.png

Mark Baltz

Football Training Camp

Packs 1 & 2

"I believe the officiating journey is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s important as you begin, and advance your officiating career, that you not be in a hurry. Take your time in your journey and learn as much as possible at each and every stop along the way."   


Retired NFL official, Mark Baltz 

Michelle Derosa 1.png

Michelle DeRosa

Softball Regular Season &

Training Camp Pack 1

"In the game of softball, we don’t always have the opportunity to be outside in the beautiful weather or to train on field. The best way to start and develop your career as a softball official is to see plays."


NFHS & Little League Softball umpire, Michelle DeRosa

Bart Welch 1.png

Bart Welch

Wrestling Training Camp

Pack 1

"As a mentor, it is crucial we recruit new young officials, and help them get the training and experience they need to become the next group of great officials."   


NCAA Division I & High School Wrestling official, Bart Welch

Greg Gompf 1.png

Greg Gompf

Football Regular Season

Pack 2

"I feel that video is one of the greatest tools officials have access to in order to get better which is why RefReps is so great for us to use. We get to put ourselves into game situations from anywhere, at any time, to learn and get better!"


NCAA Division II National Championship Football official, Greg Gompf

Matt Knezevich 1.png

Matt Knezevich

Volleyball Training Camp

Pack 1

"My philosophy of officiating is to help officials reach their personal goals. I believe that no matter the level of sport you officiate, it is important to strive towards those goals during every match. That’s why I’m so excited about the impact RefReps can make on all our careers!


NFHS & NCAA Volleyball official, Matt Knezevich

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