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Our Referral Program

We think playing is better with friends and fellow officials. So for each set of 3 friends you invite to join, you'll both earn a gift credit. You and your friend both get to pick whatever Premium content pack you want to use this gift credit on.

As soon as your friend creates an account, and starts a subscription (monthly or annually), they'll immediately receive their gift credit. Once all three of your friends have started a subscription, a gift credit will be applied to your account and a notification sent your way, letting you know! Keep in mind: You can receive up to $375 in gift credits each calendar year, so feel free to spread the word.

Am I Eligible?

To check if you are eligible for this promotion, follow these steps directly from the inside the RefReps app:

  1. Select the Profile tab

  2. Select the Free Tokens tab

NOTE: If you do not have a Free Credits tab in your Profile/Account, this means you are not eligible for this promotion. You may have hit your cap for the amount of gift credits you can get (maximum of 5).

If you do not see the "Free Credits" tab and you have not hit your cap of gift credits, please feel free to Contact Us.

How to Claim Your Gift Credit

Once your gift credit is ready, we'll send you a notification prompting you to claim your reward. If you don't tap on the notification, you can claim your gift credit by navigating to the Free Credits tab in your profile and clicking on the "Past" to see previously granted rewards. If you don't claim your reward through notification, or clicking on "Past", your account will receive your gift credit automatically once applicable. 

How to Invite Friends

Follow these steps to refer your friends directly from the app.

  1. Tap the account/profile icon 

  2. Tap Free Credits

  3. Tap Share Link

  4. Select the way in which you would like to share your link

  5. Click send

How We Choose Your Reward Value

The cash value that is represented on your "Past" page under Reward Value is the value of one Premium content pack, which has a market price of $74.99.


Your invitees will need to successfully create an account, and subscribe in order to be credited.

When Can You Use Your Gift Credit?

You're allowed to use your gift credit anytime after it is added to your account.  Once you have used it to purchase any Premium content pack, you will then have access to that Premium content pack for as along as you have an account. 

If you want to return the Premium content pack that you have purchased with the credit, unfortunately you are unable to do so. RefReps provides the opportunity to preview the all Premium content packs prior to purchasing, so you understand what it is you are getting before making a purchase. After purchase is made, you have implied that you have seen the preview content and are happy with the purchase being made.

Credit Reward Limit

You can receive a market value up to $375 in credits per year through this program, which comes out to a total of 5 credits.

However, your friends will still receive a credit if they sign up with your invite link and satisfy the conditions of the promotion.

Credit Referral Offer Terms and Conditions

Ref Reps LLC ("RefReps") credit reward offer is subject to these Terms & Conditions.

Eligibility. The credit reward offer is only valid for two groups: (1) new customers of RefReps who have never previously had a RefReps account, apply for and are approved for a RefReps account, and are customers in good standing, and (2) existing qualifying customers of RefReps who successfully refer a new customer that is not a current or past client of RefReps or its affiliates, and that customer applies for and is approved for a RefReps account, and is a RefReps customer in good standing. Anyone who does not meet the conditions in this paragraph is not eligible for this Offer. RefReps may decline requests to enroll in the offer at its discretion.

OfferFor eligible customers, RefReps will provide a certain credit amount of rewards, and the eligible customers must use that credit amount entirely on purchases of products that RefReps makes available through this program. The credit value that an eligible customer receives in this program is $75 - $375. Approximately 100% of participants who complete the said conditions will receive a credit value of $75. All eligible customers who fulfill the conditions of this program will receive a credit value that can only be used to purchase RefReps products. 

Limitations. RefReps reserves the right to either decline to grant the credit reward, or to strip purchased items from customer, in the event that RefReps determines in its sole discretion that there may have been fraudulent activity or a violation of these Terms in connection with the credit referral or the referred customer's RefReps account. Limit one offer per qualified referral with a maximum of one account per referred client. Credit reward will be credited to the enrolled account within approximately one week after the reward is claimed, though this timeline may be delayed in RefReps' sole discretion if, for example, RefReps determines that there is indicia of fraud or a violation of these Terms. RefReps cannot provide information about someone else's account or application status. RefReps reserves the right to decline to grant or resend a credit reward if RefReps determines in its sole discretion that there are images or speech in connection with the referrer's referral link that are inaccurate, misleading, offensive, or violates community standards; or infringes on RefReps' intellectual property rights. constitutes a domain name, creates the potential for confusion as to whether the page or content in question is RefReps', or is otherwise improper. RefReps reserves the right to change the offer terms or terminate the offer at any time without notice. The offer is not transferable, salable, or valid in conjunction with certain other offers and is available worldwide. 

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

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